Ultra Paws Traction dog boots are in sets of four and close with one velcro strap.

Ultra Paws Traction Dog Boots - Close Out now 25% Off

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    25% Off these popular boots while supplies last! The discount already applies as shown.

    The Cozy Paws™ have been introduced to replace the traction boots and are available in 8 sizes Click Here 



    Traction boots are designed to prevent slipping on hardwood or tile floors and for outside light duty on snow and grass. Eight sizes - from very small to very large dogs - with our patented comfort foam pad to keep the boot on, with a generous traction patch on the sole!

    • Black, sold as a set of four boots
    • $17.95 - $21.95, based on the size
    • U.S. Patent 7,971,557.
    • Canadian Patent 2,486,628. Other patents pending.


    • Foam comfort pad helps keep the boots on!
    • Patented design for indoor traction and light use outside in the snow.
    • Check out the Dog Boot Use Chart for other boots suited for outdoor use.
    • Traction for senior dogs or ones with hip conditions who are having trouble slipping on hardwood or tile floors.
    • Fleece keeps paws warm and protected from snow balls in light snow conditions.
    • Fleece is breathable.
    • Generous super-grip sole patch prevents sliding on wood and tile floors.
    • Fastens on your dog's paw with one Velcro® strap.
    • Fleece is not water resistant in wet snow conditions.
    • To prevent puncture of fabric, keep your dogs nails trimmed


    • Loosely fasten Velcro closure, wash in cold water delicate cycle; hang to air dry.


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    1. Flexible

      My dog would wear them as they are flexible but returning because the size was too big. on 14th Jan 2018

    2. size is an issue

      The quality of the Ultra Paws Traction Boots are great. The only problem is in the sizing. When ordering for my 90lb. lab, my choices were small or large. There is no medium option which is the size I would need. By being over sized, they spin on her paw and I must slide them around throughout the day. on 10th Jan 2018

    3. WOW!

      My dog hates wearing shoes. Hates. Them. I've spent probably around 300 bucks trying to get shoes that fit. He has twiggy little legs, so everything I've tried slides down, bunches up and twists around. He's also between a medium and a large, so that's another struggle.

      A friend of mind recommended Ultra Paws and I saw these and thought 'what's a few more bucks?' Holy cow am I impressed! My dog doesn't try to impersonate a Clydesdale when walking in them. They stayed on with out rotating and the mediums were a perfect fit. The square of foam in the back of the boot really really helps keep them in place. My dog and I can't thank Ultra Paws enough for such a great product and are looking forward to getting many many winters of use out of them.
      on 10th Jan 2018

    4. ultra paws

      Sorry to see these discontinued. Just purchased a second pair. The first pairs lasted several years, worn daily. Well fitting, easy to take off & put on.

      on 10th Jan 2018

    5. Best one for my dog

      I have tried at least 10 different winter booties for my furry boy over past 11 years, none of them stayed on my dog's paws during walk. I either lost one or two during walk,, or kept picking up behind the boy. This is the only one that never come off! This is my 2nd time of purchase. I just want to keep an extra set to back up his first set.

      I found petite size fits the hind paws well, but hard to get on for his front paws as it's a bit too tight. so I bought extra small size this time. Putting on his front paws is easy, but a bit too large for his rear paws. I guess I have to use two different sizes for his front and hind paws.
      on 7th Jan 2018

    6. Love These Dog Boots

      Very sad that the Ultra Paws Traction Dog Boots are being closed out. After trying many dog boots, Ultra Paws are the best. Love these boots! Easy to get on and stay on when my dog races around. They wear out on city side walks, but worth replacing as needed.
      The sizing chart should be adjusted. My dog is a medium in the original traction boots, but a large in the cozy traction boots.
      on 4th Jan 2018

    7. These are the best boots I have ever tried for my dog!

      Seriously, I have purchased over a dozen pairs of boots for my Maltese over her 5 year lifespan and these are, by far, the best ones! I love them so much that I have purchased a few pairs as they seem to disappear when my young grandchildren are in the house! My dog still has her dew claws and when I am mindful of this when I put them on her feet she will stay outside in below zero weather and her feet stay dry! These also dry very quickly! Because of the very soft rubber squares that are in the back of the boot it is easy to "cup" them into shape for putting on her feet. I have also learned that by lifting the opposite paw she steps down into the boot making sure the boot is on snug! I love these boots and highly recommend them! on 3rd Jan 2018

    8. Great Dane High Five

      Our 12 year old Great Dane has been slipping on our hardwood floors and last week took a bad fall. We have area rugs all over to prevent slips but it's impossible to cover all areas. I reviewed many sites and styles and decided to try Ultra Paws Traction Boots. They arrived quickly and the instructions on how to measure my Danes feet were easy to follow. They are light-weight and dry quickly. The foam pad in the back assists with boots not rotating on his feet. He can now walk with confidence on our floors and now I can rest more easily as well. We are buying a back up pair he likes them to well so when one pair is the wash, he's protected at all times! on 14th Sep 2017

    9. Message for dachshund owners.

      Our dachshund had back surgery and has a slightly week back leg on smooth surfaces, which made us look into the ultrapaws products. The company offers excellent items and the staff is knowledgble, however if you have a dachshund you should be fair warned that they may have problems with these boots. The main problem is the length of the boot where the Velcro is and how it rubs against the body of the dog, causing the dog to almost walk drunkenly to avoid the rubbing. The boots probably are awesome for tall dogs with longer legs, but for the body shape of a dachshund and there smaller length legs this boot is more of a hinderence despite the grip bottom. Also be mindful that the boots seem to run large, we ordered a pair of boots that were the correct size according to the chart, and again because the body type of the dachshund is different than other breeds, they were too large for his feet. We then purchased a smaller size which did not go on as easily, but were snug for the dog to walk. If the length of the boot was smaller and the Velcro was in a different place, the smaller size boot would have fit well. We are not going to keep the items, and are thankful for the return policy. It is unfortunate we spent so much on faster delivery costs on two orders, but that was our choice. Overall, the boots clearly will do well for taller dogs, but for a dachshund you may, not will but may, have an issue. If ultrapaws were to make a boot specifically for dachshunds I would look at their product again over another company. And given the number of dachshunds that have back surgeries verses other breeds, it may be an idea to look at doing that. Be Blessed all. on 20th Jun 2017

    10. good solution

      My dog is missing couple of nails on her front paw and that made it more sensitive one. After doctors failed to fix her limp, I looked for several types and brands of boots and these ones seem to hold on the paw well enough while give her enough comfort to enjoy the walk more. They wear off relatively fast, but they are comfy and affordable. on 4th May 2017

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    Ultra Paws Traction Dog Boots

    This video highlights the Traction Dog Boot purpose, features, how to put on, sizing information, and care instructions.
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