Ultra Paws Rugged Boots, set of four, red

Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots

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    Designed for active hard charging dogs when extra sole protection is needed. Incorporating the same design as the Ultra Paws Durable boot, it has a recycled tire sole, about 50% thicker than the Durable sole, and suited for tougher conditions. This is the boot for hunters, urban settings on asphalt or concrete, snow, and protection from salt in the winter.

    • Four sizes based on width of paw.
    • $37.95 to $39.95 depending on size, for a set of four boots.
    • U.S. Patent 7,971,557.
    • Canadian Patent 2,486,628. Other patents pending.



    • Easy to put on - difficult to slip off.
    • Small 2 1/4" width; Medium 2 3/4" width; Large 3 1/4" width; XLarge 4" width
    • Side seams open wide - making it easy to put on the boot.
    • Two Velcro® straps with slides fasten the boots.
    • Foam at the closure cushions the dog's foot when the boot is tightened.
    • The foam creates a secure grip - these boots stay on!
    • Tough, water resistant 1000 denier nylon material with the top of the toe wrapped.
    • The sole is a recycled tire material that is flexible, skid resistant and durable.
    • The sole performs in wet and dry, hot and cold conditions and is suited for tougher conditions.
    • To extend the life of your boots we recommend applying Shoe Goo to patch small holes in the sole that can appear with wear. Some hunters will pre-apply Shoe Goo when in extreme conditions. See Product SG.



    • Loosely fasten Velcro closure, wash in cold water delicate cycle; hang to air dry.


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    1. Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot

      I buy a new pair of these every year. By mid-winter I am doing repairs with the recommended shoe goo. The shoe goo doesn't hold up very long with the cold, it peels up at the edges. It would be nice if Ultra Paws upgraded to a more durable material that would be better suited for walking. The boots stay on very well, the straps velcro shut in opposite directions holding the boot in place. Each boot has an inner rubber cuff preventing it from slipping. I would definitely give these boots a five-star rating if they had a more durable outer sole. on 8th Nov 2017

    2. Love these boots!

      These boots are well crafted and our American Mastiff has no trouble walking in the XL size (she's 170 lbs). The fit is a little snug at first in the toes but after a few uses the leather softens up. These have never fallen off and are long enough that the dew claw is safely inside the boot (no problem with it getting caught on the edge). The only reason I can't give it five stars is because the lower strap doesn't reach to wrap around the back of her ankle and attach to the front. It's too short. However, as an alternative method, we simply twist the strap and attach it directly to the front of her foot.... which works very well, come to think of it, so I'll revise my rating to 4.5 stars. on 2nd Apr 2017

    3. Best boots....ever

      We have tried them all and your boots are the best. They stay on the dogs paws and he has pretty good traction for all of our mountain hiking. We hike all year round and the dog seems to be happy to have the boots even in the summer. The only time he wants them off is when we hit the swimming hole.

      Thanks for a quality product.
      on 14th Feb 2017

    4. Booty Time

      My dog enjoyed wearing the boots we purchased from you, but tough conditions - just make it tough for my dog. He used to get ice build up in his paws - now he gets it at the top of the boots. Out on the trail I find I only have to check the section at the top of the boot every 1/2 hour - or when he lets me know! - They do make a difference though I believe :) My wife and I have gone dog mushing up in the Yukon Territory, but the big difference for those dogs is the groomed trails they use. Job and I are bush whackin' !!! At least Job likes to chew ice anyway ha ha. Cheers, Chris Anderberg
      on 5th Jan 2017

    5. great in the snow

      I've had three sets of these over the years. We live at 8500 feet in CO and get a fair amount of snow. My Portuguese Water Dog without protection accumulates ice and snow. Fairly easy to "install" and she does not mind wearing them. Overall, a good product. on 7th Sep 2016

    6. Used for long hiking trek over rough terrain

      I looked at quite a few dog shoes before finding these. I even purchased several pair of cheap ones from Petsmart, but returned them all because they were junk. I finally called and spoke with a very helpful person at Ultra Paws. She confirmed that the best shoe I wanted for Penny was the Rugged, which I was already leaning towards.

      They arrived very fast. I was somewhat iffy about my choice the first few days I put them on my dog at home, though I also felt they needed to be broken in longer than an hour or two. Even when we went hiking, Penny seemed a bit uncomfortable. However, on the return trip (7 miles), she wore them like a pro. They seemed to be broken in finally, and she didn't mind them in the least. In fact, she even trotted on the trail as we went back down. The trail was not simply dirt, but rocks, sharp rocks, granite, etc.

      The only thing I noticed about the shoes is that the toes on three of them have small pieces torn where the sole meets the material at the very edge of the toe. This does not change the shoes in any way, nor my opinion of them. In fact, I count it as a blessing Penny had them on, as they surely protected her feet from the damage she would have otherwise endured without the shoes. Kudos to Ultra Paws.
      on 6th Sep 2016

    7. They Stay ON!!!

      I used another brand before this brand and had to be vigilant to make sure my lab didn't slip a boot on our hiking trips...which of course he did and resulted in lost boots. We have hiked around 50-60 miles in these and he has never even once had one fall off. We do a lot of hiking on rocky/granite terrain and the tips of the boots are starting to wear through. I'm probably going to buy the Kevlar ones next to see if they last longer. on 28th Jul 2016

    8. My German Shepherd Loves These

      We've had these for about 6 months now. Originally purchased them after a hike where it ended up snowing on us. We could tell his feet were painful by the end of the hike.

      We first used them on a hike an off trail hike that quickly came to rugged, volcanic rock. We waited to put them on until it we hit the rough terrain. And after a couple awkward minutes, he was running all over the place. He was able to run and frolic instead of walking gingerly. Used them on several hikes since, and had the same experience...he actually likes wearing them.

      On occasion we've had one fall off, but it's clearly when we haven't tightened them enough. When we strap them on correctly, they don't budge.
      on 17th Jul 2016

    9. life saver!!

      I have a German shorthair pointer who I bought these boots for 2 reasons. She suffers from allergies which includes grass but we also were going on vacation to Northern California and she loves the water. Her allergies go crazy up there and her paws get so red, trying to keep her out of the water is impossible and all the walking on pebbles and swimming would cut her paws. This year we didn't want to see her suffer and looking online I found these boots, not only did they protect her paws they are really easy to put on and stay on. We also realized as we made many stops on our trip the ground was hot which these also helped with. These boots proved to be water proof, rugged as we went on many hikes and secure when swimming in the river. I highly recommend these. on 13th Jul 2016

    10. Utlra Paws Boots are Fantastic

      Have tried quite a few different types of boots, and these are the best we've found. They are sturdy, easy to put on and with two Velcro closures, they stay on! They are excellent in winter conditions. Our dog has to wear the boots on all walks, rain, shine or snow due to neurological issues and it took two years to wear them out. I wish we could buy them in Canada.

      on 29th Jun 2016

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    Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots

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