​Ultra Doggie Socks: One of a Kind!



Ultra Paws has taken advantage of new technology to bring you the best doggie socks on the market! We’re bringing you the only doggie socks that don’t have any interior threads. That means they won’t catch on your dog’s nails, so they go on easier and are super comfy for your best furiend.

Ultra Doggie Socks have patterns that are printed rather than woven in. It’s a technique that’s just catching on in human socks, and Ultra Paws is the first to take advantage of the new technology and bring the technique to socks for dogs.

(The inside of an Ultra Doggie Sock- no loose threads!)

The result is bright, durable socks that will never catch on your dog’s nails. Our Ultra Doggie Socks are printed in three fun, funky patterns: Gerty, Oakley and Shazam. Each one was designed by a professional artist specifically for Ultra Paws to perfectly match your pup’s colorful style.

(Exclusive Ultra Paws designs: Shazam, Oakley and Gertie)

Our socks have a generous swirl of silicone on the bottom to give your dog added traction. They’rs also perfect for adding warmth when worn with any of our dog boots. All our Ultra Doggie Socks have extra tall, double layer cuffs to hold them in place on your dog’s paw. Not to mention that they are pawsitively adorable!

Doggie socks are $12.95 for a set of four. They come in five sizes and are machine washable. To find the right size socks for your dog, put your dog’s paw on a piece of paper and mark the paper on either side of the paw. Remove the paper and measure between the marks, then compare the measurement to our sizing chart. The socks can stretch up to 25 percent wider than their listed width.

You and your dog will pawsitively love how easy Ultra Paws’ Ultra Doggie Socks are to put on, and your dog will thank you for buying him the most comfortable, cutest socks around!