Keep dogs safe and visible with Ultra Paws gear!


As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, it's important to be sure you keep your dog visible in the dim light of twilight and beyond. With this  in mind, Ultra Paws has released several new products to keep you and your dog safe! 

Ultra Paws is taking advantage of state-of-the-art material in two of its new products. Our newly designed Ultra Reflective Comfort Coat and brand new Weathermaster Coat have features you will love! Both these coats are made with fabric that appears normal in standard light, but is highly reflective in dark light. 

The Ultra Reflective Comfort Coat, in standard light

The Ultra Reflective Comfort Coat, reflective in dim light

The Ultra Reflective Comfort Coat, a new and improved version of a product already well-loved by Ultra Paws customers, is made with advanced reflective fabric that dog owners will love, printed in fabric patterns designed specifically for Ultra Paws. It has the standard features customers have come to love- a spot for leash attachment, easy girth adjustment, and a foldable collar- plus extra D-rings so that extra lights can be attached to the coat. The Comfort Coat starts at just $34.95 and comes in eight sizes. Order one here.

The Weathermaster Coat is all new and ultra-warm for winter months. It's lined with Ultra Paws' Ultra Heat fabric, which features technology previously only used in human apparel. The liner of the Weathermaster Coat is designed to reflect your dog's body heat back to its body, making the most of your dog's natural heat sources. 

Ultra Heat fabric reflects your dog's body heat back to its body!

The Weathermaster Coat is also made with the highly reflective fabric also used in the Ultra Reflective Comfort Coat, and in patterns designed just for Ultra Paws that you won't find anywhere else! To add to the coat's reflectivity, it has reflective piping features that stand out in low light. The Weathermaster Coat is easy to put on your dog, has a leash hole so your dog can be on a lead while wearing the coat, and even has a secret pocket! The Weathermaster Coat starts at just $41.95 and comes in nine sizes. Order it here!

Finally, give your dog extra glow on the darkest nights with Night Light Blinkers. At just $4.95 each, these LED, battery-powered lights clip onto the D-rings on both the Weathermaster Coat and the Comfort Coat. The lights come with either silicone attachments (for collars or leashes) or metal clip rings (for D-ring attachment), and all of them are embellished with an adorable paw print. The included battery is designed to last for 100 hours and is replaceable.  These lights are a great way to add extra safety, and can be used with other Ultra Paws products as well, including safety vests and more! 

Even though the nights are getting long, don't worry! Ultra Paws products are here to help keep your dog safe and visible to you can make the most of your time with your dog- no matter what the season!