​Extreme conditions? You need our Xtreme dog boots!


The dog days of August are upon us, and we hope that you’re spending them with your dog out in the bright summer sunshine! At Ultra Paws, we know that you and your dog are adventurers, whether that means exploring the city, heading out on a hike or going off the beaten track. That’s why we make boots for all seasons and all conditions.

But it you find yourself in harsh conditions or rugged terrain, you’ll want to take a look at our Xtreme Kevlar Dog Boots, the toughest, most durable and protective boots. They’re built tough with generous layers of kevlar sewn into the sole of the boot and across the top of the boot, to protect both the top and the bottom of your dog’s paws. As with many of Ultra Paws’ boots, our Xtreme Kevlar Dog Boots have foam pads that help hold the boot in place, as well as Velcro fasteners that are easy to tighten and stay in place under even the most extreme conditions.

The boots are also equipped with a layer of foil that reflects the heat of hot asphalt and sand away from your dog’s paws, protecting him from burning his paws. A layer of insulating foam offers support, and keeps your dog’s paws cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our Xtreme Kevlar Dog Boots are made of water resistant, 1,000 denier ballistic nylon. The sole and top of the boots are covered in a slip-resistant, durable rubber that’s made from recycled tires.

These boots are great for dogs and their humans who like to hike in the desert, where cactus and other prickly plants are just part of the landscape. The boots are also great for urban areas where dogs are at risk of encountering broken glass or sharp metal while on their walks.

Our Xtreme Kevlar Dog Boots are especially popular among service dogs and search and rescue dogs that never know what they’ll come across in the course of a normal day. These boots are also great for hunting dogs who do a lot of running through the woods or over varied terrain.

Xtreme Kevlar Dog Boots come in four sizes. To find the right size for your dog, place your dog’s paw on a piece of paper and apply gentle pressure to mimic how a paw spreads with weight. Mark the paper on each side of your dog’s paws, then measure the distance between the two marks to find the right size boot. If your dog’s paw is on the line between two sizes, opt for the larger size to ensure your dog’s comfort as he wears the boots. Sets of four boots start at $95.95. See our product page here

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