​Do You Cross-Country Ski? Try Skijoring!


For those of us who love dogs and love getting out in the winter, skijoring is the perfect activity. It’s a great way for you and your dog to share your love for the outdoors and get out to have some fun in the winter.

Skijoring is a sport where a person on skis is pulled by a dog, or sometimes by a horse. Translated from Norwegian, the word means “ski driving.” Any medium to large-size dog who likes to run and can be trained can skijor. Lots of dogs who are accustomed to a leash are willing to pull. The skier uses a skate-ski technique while the dog is attached to a harness around the skier’s hips.

Ultra Paws sells some of the safest skijoring equipment available, for both you and your dog. Ultra Paws began as a dog harness company and today, our years of experience in the business translate to a high-quality, tested and true product.

It’s easy to get into skijoring for around $125, making it an accessible hobby. With our skijor packages, you can get everything you need at a reduced rate compared to buying equipment separately. Starting with the right equipment can make the difference of having a great first experience for you and your dog.

The Ultra Paws One Harness is perfect for skijoring. It wraps comfortably around your dog and is fully adjustable for a snug fit. Extra padding over the shoulders means it won’t cut into your dog’s skin. The wide straps of the harness spread out the pulling pressure for your dog.

Our Skijor Hip Belt is a comfortable and safe way to connect to your dog. It has a patented quick-release system for the safety of both you and your dog. If you fall or find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, just pull the red rope, a quick emergency release. While the release is easy to engage, it’s crafted to not engage accidentally. The wide hip belt spreads out the pulling pressure for comfort.

Ultra Paws also has a one and two-dog Tow Lines. The lines have a cold-weather bungee sewn inside the line, which absorbs pull when you or the dog speeds up or slows down. That way, both you and your dog are cushioned from any jerking. All the lines also have a backup leash handle to hold.

If you’re skijoring with more than one dog, consider a neckline to connect the dogs together. That way your dogs stay together and are less likely to tangle.

Once you and your dog grow accustomed to skijoring, you can also try canicross or bikejoring, which is essentially the same activity, but with you on foot or on a bike. It’s the perfect way for you and your dog to both be more active and have a great time together!

If you’re looking for more information on skijoring, check out the Skijor With Your Dog book, or learn more at our Skijoring FAQ page and our page about how to put on your skijoring equipment. Or, check out a review of our products by the President of the Midwest Skijorers Club and top skijoring winner Jim Benson.