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​Paw injury? The Wound Boot can help!


Unfortunately, it happens- dogs get injured. And when they do, it’s up to their humans to keep their wounds clean so they can heal properly and your pup can get back to his normal playful self.

If you go to the vet with your dog for a paw injury, you’re likely to come home with the “cone of shame.” While it’s a useful tool to help your dog heal, some dog’s simply can’t stand the cone and might need another option. The Wound Boot can help.

The Wound Boot is made of a breathable material that allows for air flow around the paw injury so that your dog’s wound can heal. It has a non-skid PVC material on the sole of the boot, so your dog will still have traction on slippery surfaces like wood floors.

The Wound Boot is made to be versatile. With spandex sides, it can expand to cover a bandage or cast, and then reduce again when the cast comes off. Two straps at the top of the boot allow you to fasten it to the right tightness so it won’t fall off but will still be comfortable for your dog. Foam pads help hold the boot in place.

Perhaps most importantly, the Wound Boot will help restrict your dog from licking or chewing on the wound. It’s instinct for dogs to do this, but it can damage the bandages and ultimately slow down healing. Some dogs will instead try to chew the boot, so we recommend using bitter apple spray. Since dogs don’t like the taste, it should stop them from chewing the boot while still being safe for them to lick.

The Wound Boot comes with an included Boot Wrap for trips outdoors. Wound Boots are breathable to help aid healing, but that means that they’re not waterproof. The Boot Wrap makes trips outdoors easy. Just tie it around the boot and head out the door! The Boot Wrap will keep the Wound Boot and your dog’s paw nice and dry. Extra Boot Wraps are sold separately.

Caring for your Wound Boot is easy. It’s machine washable on the delicate cycle, so you’ll have no trouble keeping it clean. To choose the right size Wound Boot, measure the width of your dog’s paw. We find that the easiest way to do this is to set the paw down on a piece of paper, then mark each side of the paw on the paper. Remove the paper and measure between the marks. The Wound Boot stretches to help accommodate for bandages, so keep that in mind when choosing a boot.

Perhaps best of all, the Wound Boot costs just $19.95- much less than another trip to the vet! It comes in five sizes to fit nearly every dog. The Wound Boot can help your pup heal so that you and he can both get back to your favorite activities! 

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Our Roots

My Mom, Pat, pictured in 2013, passed away in December of 2015 after a hard-fought battle with numerous illnesses. She was a fighter, and we thought she'd recover once again, but it was time for her to be at peace. I think about her often - her tenacity, entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic, love for fun and family, [...]

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