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​Breeds that get cold easily- and how to help them!


Does your dog shiver violently after a walk? Is he reluctant to go outside to go to the bathroom? While all dogs have their own built-in coat of fur, some dogs have a harder time in the cold than others. Small and short hair dogs, especially, can need a little assistance stay warm. Dog coats are a great option for helping your dog stay warm, and making him more comfortable to go outside.

According to PetMD, a dog’s ability to stay warm can depend on his age, breed and coat of fur. Some dogs are simply not genetically suited for cold weather, but as owners we can help them stay warm and comfortable in chilly weather.

Toy breeds and light-bodied dogs, like chihuahuas and miniature pinschers, will naturally get colder faster than larger, more thick-coated dogs. Some of these dogs may even need to wear a coat indoors if you keep your thermostat low.

Dogs that have short-cropped hair, too, can have trouble staying warm in cold weather. Poodles, for example, grow a thick coat of hair but often have it trimmed short to prevent matting. Dogs like these may need some help staying warm outdoors.

As PetMD says, “If he just doesn’t have a heavy hair coat, there is only so much curling up he can do to conserve heat.”

Luckily, Ultra Paws has several coats that can help keep your dog warm either in the house or outside in play.

The SnoJam is part snowsuit and part pajama, which makes it perfect for heading out in the snow or curling up indoors. It has a removable hood that can be snapped on for when you head out into wooly weather. It features full coverage of all four legs to keep your dog extra warm and cozy.

The Cozy Coat is easy to put on and great for extra warmth. It comes in a classic buffalo plaid pattern and has a collar that can be worn as a turtleneck for extra warmth, or folded back.

The Comfort Coat is one of Ultra Paws’ warmest coats, with a waterproof outer shell, fiber fill and fleece lining. In addition to keeping your dog warm, it will keep him nice and dry, which means less mess when you get back home.

Even though the temperatures might hit rock bottom, that doesn’t mean that you and your dog have any less passion for adventure! Just because it’s chilly doesn’t mean you have to call it quits on walks or fetch. While there are some breeds that need a little help in cold weather, Ultra Paws can help with any one of its great coats. 

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