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Frida the Rescue Dog


When Mexico was rocked by earthquakes, including a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico City on Tuesday, Sept. 10, local authorities had man’s best friend help search through the rubble and save the lives of those buried alive in fallen buildings. To help those brave rescue teams, Ultra Paws is donating boots via our distributors in Mexico to help the dogs do their awesome work safely.

One rescue dog in particular made headlines around the world. Frida is a Mexican Navy dog who has located 52 people in various natural disasters, 12 of them still alive today. The Mexican Navy told Reuters that’s more than any other rescue dog. Reuters goes on to report that much of Frida’s recent work was at a school in southern Mexico City, at which 11 children were rescued, but 19 children and six adults died.

This image of Frida, a rescue dog who has saved many lives in the recent earthquakes in Mexico, went viral.

The yellow Labrador is truly a hero to those she has saved, and she continues to work hard. Images of Frida in her Ultra Paws boots and her vest and goggles went viral.

Soon after the earthquake and Frida’s headline-grabbing work, people from across North America brought it to Ultra Paws’ attention that more boots were needed to help the search teams. In response, Ultra Paws overnighted boots to Mexico to help search teams.

Ultra Paws was honored to see that Frida was using our boots in her awesome work. In fact, Frida posted on her Instagram account about her boots with the caption, “MY WARRIOR BOOTS, my companions of a thousand battles, who protect me at all times, my boots.” (Translated from Spanish.) Frida’s account includes stunning pictures of Frida, fan art and more. Others are also honoring Frida, including the President of Mexico, who honored Frida in a Tweet. Some are saying that Frida should be the face of the next 500 peso note. Frida’s most recently accomplishments have not even been tallied as crews continue to search through the 50-plus fallen buildings in Mexico City alone. The earthquake has killed nearly 300 people.

We encourage anyone with the means to help those affected by the earthquake. One option is to donate to the Mexican Red Cross via their websiteDirect Relief is also at work in Mexico City and has pledged that donations will go directly to relief efforts.

Reuters reports that Frida will retire from her duty next year, when she’ll go to live with her handler, Israel Arauz. As a life-scent dog, her smelling senses are expected to decline around that time.

Ultra Paws wants to thank all the hard-working rescue teams and is sending its thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by the earthquakes. 

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