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Ultra Cool Dog Boots - all NEW design

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    Ultra Paws Cool Dog Boots deflect the surface temperature away from your dog's paw. Designed for protection from hot surfaces - sidewalks, concrete, streets, boats, docks and sand. 

    • Six sizes 
    • $35.95 to $39.95 for four boots, depending on size.
    • U.S. Patent 7,971,557. Canadian Patent 2,486,628. Other patents pending.


    • Breathable mesh upper on all size boots and soles have reflective foil and foam to reflect the heat away. 
    • Small - XLarge have an environmentall friendly recycled rubber sole.
    • Petite and XSmall have a grippy, flexible, skid resistant sole.
    • Reflective features. 
    • Wide opening split seam top.
    • Two Velcro straps with slides fasten the boots in place.
    • Generous foam at the closures create a secure grip and cushion the dog's paw when the boot is tightened.
    • Great for sidewalks, asphalt, boats, docks and sand.
    • To extend the life of your dog boots we recommend applying Shoe Goo to patch small holes in the sole that can appear with wear. Available on our web site.


    • Loosely fasten Velcro closure, wash in cold water delicate cycle; hang to air dry.

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    1. Happy Airedale Paws for Buddy Love & Salvy Love our ESA Boys

      On May 21, 2018

      I must express mine and my boys' deepest appreciation from the shipping department, who helped with noticing my post office in writing on the parcel to "hold for customer pick-up", to the timeless shipment by USPS, and of course the product itself. Outstanding service by both organizations! Ultra Paws a complete 5 Stars all the way around!

      For the Summer season this product of Ultra Cool Dog Boots is durable, and promising for fit, safety, and comfort for our two 2 yr. old Airedale Boys, our E.S.A's (Emotional Support Animal). The Ultra Paws size Medium (2 3/4") fits my boys' paws wonderfully without issue. Their two front paws measure exactly 2 1/2" and their back feet measure exactly 2 3/8". Again, the medium size is 2 3/4". I was terribly worried the medium ultra cool paws boots would be too big for their back feet and just questionable for the front. Well, guess what? I am happy to report that the back feet only need just a little more cinching down with the two, smart velcro straps, which perform in opposite directions for a secure fit to prevent slipping off or twisting off. They are not tight in the least--snug, Yes, but not tight the way one properly wears their sneakers should be. I would not allow our boys to be harmed by tight sizes,ever. No matter what! The two front shoes was a little bit difficult to slide in at first; I started to panic. However, after gently fitting his foot in, the bottom strap barely met the closure velcro. They wore them for about an hour without issue. After a full day of walking, running, jumping, twists and turns when rough housing with each as brothers do--little 2 yr. old bear twins of love, Don't yuh know!--they never came off, not even partially. And the best part was that the fabric stretched to the conformity of their individual paws. That entire day Salvy Love and Buddy Love encountered deep puddles on pavement, tall and short grass, mud and dry dirt in the garden,lightly scattered medium grain sand on the parking lot, indoor concrete as well as dry and wet grass, and mulch.

      From that industrious day of activity, the shoe fabric stretched just enough that now the bottom closure velcro meets the adjoining one with excess instead of just meeting the tip of it. And No there are no stretched or busted seems. I'm a seamstress and investigated thoroughly for their safety. I was so pleased and amazed. Buddy Love and I even walked through a huge puddle of water (10' x 10' wide and 1 3/4" deep) and they stayed on, very soaked as the upper liner is breathable mesh, which we expect for summer temps in hopes the breathable mesh is to cool them. And Budd Budd did not slip out of his shoes from being soak and wet after an additional hour of walking. However, I must caution that on sand that has slightly covered a black top, their foot will slip. They don't have any traction in the least. So be careful when your canine companions encounter sand on concrete or blacktop or any of those or other surfaces combined, for with a scattered amount of sand will naturally cause this type of friction: no traction. If they were walking on the beach, they will have plenty of traction without issue, for sand is rubbing against sand and not against a different surface while the foot makes contact.

      And oh, Yes! They do love their boots because they never hesitate to walk on concrete or blacktop or fight me to put them on. I am so happy for their well-being. No soaked pads of dangerous petrochemicals from the parking lots or dangerous anti-freeze fluids.

      Caution: I do not recommend your precious canine companions to wear them indoors in the privacy of your home or out in your yard to do their "duty" (potty while leashed by you). It is not necessary as they are true canines, not humans. Canines must sweat through their feet and tongue, remember? So do not allow them to wear them all day. Take time out for them to be shoe less when you know your boy or girl has a long working day ahead of them of 4-6 plus hours. Be Smart! Not fashionable, or humanizing them for attention and beauty. Only for safety purposes! enjoy them for the natural canine that they are.

      One more piece of advise for the very first wearing and introduction: put them on all four paws and throw their toys around for play time as to utilize the shoe. They will not fight the shoes if they are focused on something pleasurable. We did a fifteen minute period of intense play in the home with all for paws wearing the booties (shoes). They tired out and lyed down to rest in them for about ten minutes. We removed them and many hours after the introduction, when we had to go out in public, they were more than ready to wear them and go. We also do not allow them to wear them on long car rides. If we are traveling 40 minutes into town, we put their boots on after we arrive at our destination. Then we responsible canine parents remove them for the long car ride home.

      THank you Ultra Paws Team for an outstanding, safe, USA designed product for our Airedale Boys. We will be ordering in the future for another set, if they wear out before Autumn is here, for they work very hard for us. We will definitely be returning for their winter boots. Have a blessed day in the Lord.

      In Christ,
      Mrs. Carrielee Long, Buddy Love & Salvy Love (huggable, lovable, Airedale bears)
      on 21st May 2018



      on 1st Mar 2018

    3. Easy boots to put on even the most stubborn dog!

      I got a new puppy 6 weeks ago and had never put boots on a dog before. I was imagining a struggle to put them on. The first time I had help to put them on and then immediately took her for a walk. This morning I put them on in 15 minutes by myself! I think Meka knew she had to have boots on to go for a walk - and that's a good thing here in Arizona as the temps are now well over 110. We have no sidewalks in our neighborhood and she has to walk on the asphalt. I'm very happy with these boots - and I'm sure Meka is, too! on 17th Jun 2017

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