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Traction Dog Boots

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    Traction boots are designed to prevent slipping on hardwood or tile floors and for outside light duty on snow and grass. Eight sizes - from very small to very large dogs - with our patented comfort foam pad to keep the boot on, with a generous traction patch on the sole!

    • Black, sold as a set of four boots
    • $17.95 - $21.95, based on the size
    • U.S. Patent 7,971,557.
    • Canadian Patent 2,486,628. 



    • Foam comfort pad helps keep the boots on!
    • Patented design for indoor traction and light use outside in the snow.
    • Check out the Dog Boot Use Chart for other boots suited for outdoor use.
    • Traction for senior dogs or ones with hip conditions who are having trouble slipping on hardwood or tile floors.
    • Fleece keeps paws warm and protected from snow balls in light snow conditions.
    • Fleece is breathable.
    • Generous super-grip sole patch prevents sliding on wood and tile floors.
    • Fastens on your dog's paw with one Velcro® strap.
    • Fleece is not water resistant in wet snow conditions.
    • To prevent puncture of fabric, keep your dogs nails trimmed



    • Loosely fasten Velcro closure, wash in cold water delicate cycle; hang to air dry.


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    1. Great boots for senior dogs!

      I have an 18 year old golden retriever named Jaz and thanks to these boots, she is able to navigate slick floors. I tried many other boots and toenail grips, but these work the best for her. They are easier on her skin and give her the needed traction so that she can get around. I've order several pair. on 1st Sep 2015

    2. life saver!

      These boots have helped my old guy so very much! He finally is able to walk and maneuver around the house without slipping and falling. He seems to love them too and understand how much they help him. The fleece is a hair magnet but that's something I can easily live with if it helps him move around easier. :) on 26th Aug 2015

    3. traction boots

      I think I should had gotten one size smaller. I got large. I have male Afghan hound. ON the backs the Velcro slips up off the boot. I sewn a small strap hortizontly to keep the Velcro strap in place. They work great and stay on. They Do help him get up as we have all tile floors. Afghan do have good size feet.
      Hope Leedom
      P.S. yes have traction material all the way around might be helpful I only have one that turns around.
      on 31st Jul 2015

    4. Ultra Paws Traction boots

      The boots fit nicely. The boots do turn around sometimes. I think the traction pad should run around the whole boot - that way it wouldn't matter if they turn around. They are easy to put on and they help my dog walk on the tile floor. on 5th Jun 2015

    5. Traction boots need a little more traction

      The boots fit well and they have helped my old dog to get better traction on our hardwood floors. They fit very well. The only problem is that the traction pad is already wearing off in just a couple of weeks. Perhaps one of the other boot styles would work better for the old gal. At any rate thses boot are doing quite well so far. on 11th Apr 2015

    6. Probably better for indoor usage than outdoor usage

      I purchased these boots specifically for the climate that I am in. We don't get a lot of snow during the winter, but the dead grass is still dirty and mucky during winter.

      I bought a size smaller than my dogs paw, as there was a mention that the boot material will stretch. I have found that the material did stretch. But that was okay due to the size that I ordered.

      What I have also found is: that one of the soles fell off a boot after 20 outside usage. I have also found that the velcro is larger or stiffer, so there are about 2 boots that will fall off all the time. I figured out that by tightening the velcro around the paw at an angle, that I only have 1 boot that falls off. I have now started using an elastic band to keep the 1 remaining boot that still falls off, on.
      on 28th Mar 2015

    7. Great Product

      They are the best and most comfortable boots for my dog that I have found. on 25th Feb 2015

    8. Im a repeat customer. Always looking for boot for better traction for my 180# Irish Wolfhound babies.

      This company has Excellent customer service.
      I would repeat buy in a heart beat.
      Thank you for having this product for slick floors.
      on 2nd Feb 2015

    9. they are better than nothing

      I bought them for my greyhound that is afraid of wood floors due to slipping. they work great when they don't twist around...So you have to monitor them for twisting.

      Ultra Paws Comments: Thanks for taking the time to review the boots! Greyhounds are tough to fit with their long, narrow paws. The Durable dog boots, with the two strap closure system and expanded traction on the sole may be a better option for you.
      on 31st Jan 2015

    10. Traction boots???

      These are decent boots, but as far as traction goes, they aren't great. My dog still has a little bit of trouble getting up on our wood floors, so they could be grippier. Also with the booties being fleece, recommend at least 1 size smaller. They tend to slip around so that the traction pad is on top so the dog is walking on the fleece tops.

      Ultra Paws Comments: Thanks for taking the time to review the boots! Tighten the straps securely to avoid them turning. Some dogs, especially senior dogs, twist their paws when they're getting up, and the Durable dog boot with an expanded traction pad and two straps, may provide better performance.
      on 29th Jan 2015

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