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    Designed for active hard charging dogs when extra sole protection is needed. Incorporating the same design as the Ultra Paws Durable boot, it has a recycled tire sole, about 50% thicker than the Durable sole, that is less pliable and suited for tougher conditions. This is the boot for hunters, urban settings on asphalt or concrete, snow, and protection from salt in the winter.

    • Four sizes based on width of paw.
    • $36.95 to $39.95 depending on size.
    • U.S. Patent 7,971,557.
    • Canadian Patent 2,486,628.



    • Easy to put on - difficult to slip off.
    • Small 2 1/4" width; Medium 2 3/4" width; Large 3 1/4" width; XLarge 4" width
    • Side seams expand - making it easy to put on the boot.
    • Two Velcro® straps with slides fasten the boots.
    • Foam at the closure cushions the dog's foot when the boot is tightened.
    • The foam creates a secure grip - these boots stay on!
    • Tough, water resistant 1000 denier nylon material with the top of the toe wrapped.
    • The sole is a recycled tire material that is flexible, skid resistant and durable.
    • The sole performs in wet and dry, hot and cold conditions and is suited for tougher conditions.
    • To extend the life of your boots we recommend applying Shoe Goo to patch small holes in the sole that can appear with wear. Some hunters will pre-apply Shoe Goo when in extreme conditions. See Product SG.



    • Loosely fasten Velcro closure, wash in cold water delicate cycle; hang to air dry.


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    1. Awesome! Finally a boot that stays on!

      We have been using our Rugged Boots for a week now and they have been fantastic. Our dog Bruno is a super active, frisbee loving powderhound that has sores on both his back feet from breaking through the snow crusts. We tried other boots but with his activity level, nothing stayed on. The rugged boots have been 100% reliable. Not a single boot has come off. They are very easy to put on and Bruno doesn't mind them at all. His feet are healing nicely and he is able to chase frisbees and play as much as he wants. We will definitely try more of your products based on these boots! Thank you! on 3rd Mar 2015

    2. Easy On And They Stay On

      At first I was skeptical of the height of these boots b/c I have a rowdy 4 yo Border Collie who loves to kick boots off. Thank g-d I tried these! They are amazing. He doesn't even try to kick them off...he actually tolerates them (which is saying something). I've been using Ruffwear boots for 2 years. My pup hates them and they fall off at least once on a leisurely walk around the block. These Ultra Paws Rugged are a life changer for me and my dog and they are SOOO easy to put on and take off. Not over-engineered like the others I've tried. I hope they last a long time (but even if they don't...for $40??? can't beat that)! on 26th Feb 2015

    3. Finally a Boot for a very Active Dog that stays on

      The Ultra Paws boots are excellent. The rubber cushion on the inside of the top of the boot is genius. They cushion the paws and provide a comfortable fit for my extremely active puppy. I have tried many types of boots but none of them have stayed on which makes the walk unenjoyable because all I do is try to find the lost boot somewhere along the trail.
      I highly recommend these boots to any dog owner that needs boots for their dog to protect the paw from ice balls forming in their furry paws.
      on 23rd Feb 2015

    4. Best boots ever!

      After 3 different types of boots that we tried, I almost gave up. Then I found these boots and even if I prefer to try them on with my dog before buying, I took a chance and ordered them. I have a 40 pounds pit bull and the small size is just right. Even in the snow they didn't slip off. It's a great design and my dog seems comfortable. Just make sure to add an extra 1/4 inch (as it says on the box but not on the website) to make sure that the boot is not too tight on your dog's paw. on 16th Feb 2015

    5. Love this boot!

      Our dog is on his second pair of these. We live in a desert area where he runs all over through brush, gravel, sand, stones, thistles & goat heads. Before we got these he would come back & nibble on his feet all day, even after we'd wash them in a tub. Now his feet are in great condition and his runs faster than ever. These boots fit great and DO NOT come off while he's tearing around. His first pair lasted a good 9 months. We're totally happy with these and recommend them to anyone trying to save their dog's feet from damage. on 11th Feb 2015

    6. Sturdy but a little challenging to use

      These boots live up to their description. We've completely worn out two cheaper pairs of boots in the past two months, just from walking mostly on pavement with snow, ice, and salt, but these hold up extremely well. As others have noted, they can be a challenge to get on. In fact, though I measured and re-measured my dog's front paws carefully before ordering, I can only get the boots I ordered on his hind feet. This may be partly due to the foam cushioning inside the cuff, but to me the whole boot looks too narrow for the front paws. I would recommend ordering two sizes: the size you think you need according to your measurements, and the next size up. If I'd done that, I could use the bigger size (probably) on the front paws and the smaller size on the hind paws. (Luckily, I have equally sturdy boots from another manufacturer that we can use on the front paws.) You do have to be careful not to snag a claw or toe while putting the boots on. I find it helps a little to rotate the boots 90 degrees before putting them on, so that the sides of the boot point up and down instead of side to side in relation to the dog's paws; hold the boot to make the opening as round as you can; and then rotate the boot gently once you get all the toes inside. I really like the two straps, as they give some added adjustment capability. Once these boots are securely on, they stay on no matter what. The cuffs do allow some snow to get inside (only down to the foam) and stay there, but this has not seemed to bother my dog. on 11th Feb 2015


      I really like these boots. They do stay on his paws on walks and especially when out running and chasing his ball. I do agree with some other reviews that I've read to use ShoeGoo to keep the front of the boots from tearing. My dog has only used them a few times before they started to tear. I do wish that you'd expand the rubber sole to create a toe cap. Also to have the option to buy the boots in pairs instead of sets of four as their front and back paws are different sizes.

      Ultra Paws Comments: Thanks for taking the time to post a review. We are working on a new boot with the feature you requested, and if you need boots in different sizes, just give us a call and we can accommodate your order over the phone.
      on 8th Feb 2015

    8. well designed and tough

      We have been using the Ultra Paws for two weeks now. We usually go on a 8-10 mile walk/run
      4 days per week.We go on pavement. We have a 100 pound Rottweiler who is in very good physical shape but we noticed that one of his paws hurts him after his run. This seems to give him the protection that he needs. We followed the directions and expected him to "dance" when we first put them on and he did! We got him busy running and fetching and gave him a treat and he forgot that he had them on. The Ultra Paws Rugged stayed on all during the run. They had a secure ,firm fit for our large dog . We used the large size.We noticed that there is some cracking occurring on the Ultra Paws Rugged . We could not find the shoe goo so we used the E-6000. We will see how that works out. One thing for sure is that he looks good with his black and red shoes on! He turns heads when he is out running.
      on 3rd Feb 2015

    9. Great boots!

      Very well made boots. Unfortunately they did not work for my Corgis. Wish they had. They are a great product! on 26th Jan 2015

    10. I was impressed, My dog wasn't...

      I haven't used them much. They stay put on my dogs feet. My only complaint would be the height of them on my dogs front paws irritates the pad on his forearm. The seem falls just below his pad. Other than that they do everything advertised. P.S. Use the sizing chart. on 20th Jan 2015

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