Putting on X-Back Harness


Step 1: Gain control of your dog.Sometimes the easiest method is gently wedging him between your legs.


Step 2: Hold the harness by the neck area so that it hangs freely.


Step 3:  Fold the sides toward the neck area so that the harness can be slipped over the dog’s head.


Step 4: This photo is the reverse of the photo aboveand shows how the harness appears from the dog’s view.


Step 5: Pull the harness over the dog’s head.


Step 6: Lift the front paw up and slip the side strap beneath the paw.Do not lift out – lift up. Repeat for both front feet.


Step 7: Stretch the harness across the dog’s back and attach the appropriate line to the back tie. You need to apply pressure to the back tie in order for the harness to lay flat. These harnesses are designed for pulling and will creep forward to the neck area if pressure is not present.