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    Cozy Paws® Dog Boots

    U.S. Patent 7,971,557 and 9,629336 B1 / Canadian Patent 2,486,628 / Other Patents pending

    The Cozy Paws® are Ultra Paws® newest boot introduction designed to provide improved traction on slippery surfaces and for light duty use outdoors.  The soft, breathable fleece is printed in original fabric patterns. The boot sole is dipped in a natural rubber that stays flexible and comfortable for your dog.  Ultra Paws® signature foam comfort pad at the back of the boot, along with an improved torquing strap closure, keeps the boot in place.

      1-swirl.jpg OVERVIEW:
    • $23.95 for four boots
    • Eight Sizes:  XXP – XL; Packaged: 4 Boots per set
    • Colors:  BoneApart black and grey original pattern
    • Material:  Polyester Fleece with natural rubber sole.Hook and loop closure. 


      1-swirl.jpg ULTRA EASY:

    • Loosely fasten hook and loop closure, wash in cold water delicate cycle; hang to air dry.


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    1. Best boots on the market.

      My Doberman loves these boots. Getting boots on her before I found these was a battle. They are very easy to put on, are comfortable and stay on her feet even when she runs. I recommended them to another friend when her boy injured his paw. It keeps his injury protected and keeps him from licking. I now have two pairs and by the way they was up nicely and look brand new. on 18th May 2018

    2. Soft and grippy!

      Got these for our GSP after knee surgery. When she finally got up and walked, I died laughing, but she got used to them pretty quickly. Fleece fabric dipped in rubber. Great grip without being stiff, cushion for the 'Achilles' tendon, and stayed put! Even my Houdini girl couldn't get them off!
      Very nice execution, Ultra Paws!
      on 3rd Mar 2018

    3. Still reviewing...

      I'm not sure how I rate the booties, at this point. It may be that I've ordered the wrong size, but they are rather difficult to get onto my dog's feet. My current plan is to order the next size up and see if it works better.
      Depending upon the performance of the next set, I'm thinking of an easier method of attachment that might also contribute to keeping her paws cooler, but will have to experiment first.
      That aside, the booties look well-made and the grip is excellent. At fifteen, our dog's ability to keep her feet from splaying on slick, wooden floors is not what it was. One can see the increase of confidence in her demeanor when she wears this footgear. Thanks for your work in this area! :)
      on 10th Feb 2018

    4. Best dog boots

      I’ve had Ultra Paws in the past-these are their newest upgrade-they are rugged and my dog loves them. Very affordable too on 22nd Jan 2018

    5. Our 15 year old Husky can run without sliding into the walls

      We recently moved to a house with wood floors and our 15 year old Husky found herself sliding headlong into the walls when she tried to run. She had difficulty getting up when she sat or laid down on the floors. Now, thanks to Cozy Paws, she can run without sliding and has no trouble getting up off of the floor. And she looks adorable wearing them. Thank you, Cozy Paws. on 17th Jan 2018

    6. Prettt Good Boot ...

      Cozy Paws are a much improved Traction Boot.

      They are not intended for extreme hiking but when you have an avid tiny hiker ... they are the best boot out there. I have tried other brands ... they are either too hard (hard soles hurt tiny dogs) or they really aren’t small enough (another brand had sizes small enough ... but somehow their boots got bigger ...)

      If your dog wears them for an extended period of time, you may need a break in period to prevent sore spots.

      They also work well in keeping paws warm (just hiked in the snow). Paws came out warm and dry.

      on 16th Jan 2018

    7. Warm boots to keep paws safe!

      I recently bought two pairs of these boots to try for my boy. They are really nice and look nice as well. Easy to put on. Keeps paws from freezing in the Midwestern weather. on 2nd Jan 2018

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