Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots, set of four, red

Durable Dog Boots

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    Our best selling all-around dog boot! The Durable sole is pliable, super grippy, and ideal to prevent slipping on floors and light duty outdoors - plus they stay on your dog's paws!

    • U.S. Patent 7,971,557. Other patents pending.
    • Six sizes based on width of paw.
    • $31.95 -$34.95 for four boots, based on size.



    • Easy to put on - difficult to slip off!
    • Wide opening split seam top - making it easy to put on the boots.
    • Two Velcro straps with slides fasten the boots in place.
    • Generous foam at the closures creates a secure grip and cushions the dog's paw when the boot is tightened.
    • Durable boots are the BEST protection for senior dogs or ones with hip conditions that are having trouble slipping on hardwood or tile floors. (Limited breathability; for extended periods of time in boots, we recommend the Ultra Paws Traction fleece dog boots).
    • Tough, water resistant nylon material with the top of the toe and sole wrapped in a grippy, flexible, skid resistant and durable thermoplastic material, up to 0.8mm thick.
    • The sole performs in wet and dry, hot and cold conditions.
    • To extend the life of your dog boots we recommend applying Shoe Goo to patch small holes in the sole that can appear with wear. See Product SG.




     Determine The Best Style Of Boot For Your Situation


    • Loosely fasten Velcro closure, wash in cold water delicate cycle; hang to air dry.


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    1. Better than expected!

      We bought a set of dog boots for our Standard Poodle when he cut his pad while at a dog park over Thanksgiving. We just wanted to keep his paws clean while they healed. Those boots were a different brand and would not stay on his paws even though we sized them according to their charts.

      When I got home, I wanted to get a new set because a lot of the houses in our neighborhood put down so much ice melt (we live in Minneapolis, MN) that we have to take shorter walks to avoid getting it in his paws.

      These boots were a great buy! The size chart helped us get the exact size for him. They stay on him even when he's running around in deep snow and they protect his pad from the ice melt and salt used during the winter.

      I would recommend these boots to any dog owner concerned about cold, salt or other hazards to a dog's paws.
      on 10th Dec 2014


      Very happy with this purchase. I was looking for something for our Bernese Mountain Dog Luke, whose back legs have gotten weaker and he was sliding and having a hard time getting up on the floors in our home. Actually to the point of being afraid to walk across the floors. I saw the reviews on these boots and ordered them. I ordered a large (followed the chart) and they fit great. Luke LOVES them and is confident walking across the floors again : ) on 7th Dec 2014

    3. Runs Small

      Although I am satisfied with the quality and usefulness of these boots, I was not so pleased that I had to send back the first pair I purchased-they were way too small. I measured the width of my dogs paw, but it simply was not going to enter the narrow "ankle" part. I actually ended up getting 2 sizes bigger than I measured. Now, though, the boots work great whether he's just walking in the back yard, or wrestling at the dog park in the snow. on 3rd Dec 2014

    4. Great Booties! The actually stay on my dog!

      I have tried several booties for my older lab, and all booties fall off his paws. These booties stay on all day...inside and out. I think he actually likes them! I am thrilled that I can help my guy not slip on our hardwood floors anymore. They are wonderful. on 24th Nov 2014

    5. Tough to get on

      I find these boots stay on better than the earlier ones I ordered. However, they are much harder to get on and seem too small despite my following instructions on how to figure out the size. If it were not for the difficulty getting them on, I would give five stars. on 20th Nov 2014

    6. Awesome boot

      My service Dog does great with these boots and she can wear them for 8 hrs of work and never loses one. She finds them comfortable compared to all the other ones that she has tried. on 19th Nov 2014

    7. Perfect fit, Roxy loves them

      I measured Roxy's paws per instructions on the website. The Durable Dog Boots arrived quickly, and fit perfectly. She wears them when she trots beside my recumbent trike, going between 5 and 10 mph. The boots stay on with no problem. Be sure to video tape the first moments of boot wear - it's priceless. Roxy lifted each paw as high in the air as she could - so funny. As soon as we headed out for a trike trot she settled right in and didn't seem to notice them at all. on 12th Nov 2014

    8. Great Boots!

      Our dog Bodie has Epilepsy and used to hit her back nails on the sidewalk a little bit on our walks due to her medication. She tore her ACL and had surgery 6 months ago and now scrapes her back nails with every step and was wearing them down to the quick. I ordered these boots for her to wear on our walks. We got them a few days ago and I am happy to say we are back to doing our 2 mile walks and the boots stay on perfectly. I love the double Velcro! They must be comfortable because she doesn't even try to get them off. on 5th Oct 2014

    9. Jake's new boots!

      Jake's a GSD and is going on 9 yrs.. He has hip dysplasia and sometimes has difficulty moving around on tile/hardwood floors, so we bought the boots to help him out. So far so good! Seems he's more confident now moving around the house. Also, we were surprised that he accepted the new apparel so readily and hasn't even tried to bite on them. on 3rd Oct 2014

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    How to Put on Ultra Paws Dog Boots

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