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    • Generous silicone swirl grip on the sole for traction
    • Wide, double-layer cuff holds Sock in place
    • No interior threads to catch on the dog's claws
    • Use indoors for traction on slippery surfaces
    • Socks may be used inside of dog boots for increased warmth
    • Black and grey with silk screen logo; comes with Four (4) socks per set



    • Open the cuff wide and slide the paw into the Sock
    • Trim your dog's nails short


    • Machine wash, cold water, low heat to dry.

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    1. Dog Socks

      They are a little short but do cover paws. on 23rd Dec 2016

    2. Ultra Paws Doggie Socks

      I have a 125lb Rottweiler who is very active. I used the guide for size and got the largest size XL.

      Cons: IMHO, the socks run a bit small (barely rises above his dew claw). Because of this, once in awhile he loses a sock (it will fall off as he continues on his way around the house).

      Secondly, the socks tend to move around ... ultimately upside down where the "sole" ( the grip side) ends up on top his paw and the "top" of the sock is under his paw.

      In addition, after a couple washes the logo started dissipating. Not a big deal for me.

      Pros: Decent quality fabric that "seems" comfortable (I've never once seen him try to remove the sock).

      Overall, it does protect the paws and pads (as long as it fits and/or stays on his paw)*.

      Aesthetically speaking, I like the way these look on my rottie.

      If your main goal is to protect his paws( or toe or pads), these doggie socks do seem to provide enough protection against licking at an injury and keeping the pad/paw/toes clean (We had a badly torn toenail and paw pad injury that required vet attention). I think if the sock was a tad bit bigger (in height and width) it would work out much better for us. *see below

      Would I recommend this? ... Yes under the condition that you don't have a large dog with big paws. I use this as a back up when I'm too lazy to bandage wrap his paws myself. He's recovering quite well with the combination of using the ultra doggie socks and normal bandage/vet wrap.

      *One trick I do use to keep the socks on is to vet wrap the ultra paw doggie sock (one strip of wrap at the top of the sock - above the dew claw - and one under the dewclaw)... which of course defeats my purpose as I initially bought this so I could be lazy! haha

      All in all though ... I think these socks will help him adjust to doggie boots (which I plan to get once his toenail and pad heals completely. After the first time I put them on, he was hesitant but I distracted him and played tug and jolly ball with him ... he hasn't minded having them on since.

      on 14th Jun 2016

    3. Now my dog gets around on our hardwood floors!

      Our 9 year old shepherd mix has problems with her hind legs; she was having a lot of trouble getting around on our wood floors. A friend told us about your Ultra Paws socks, so we ordered a set. They really help her stay stable, and keep her feet under her. I do think that the socks should be a bit longer, it would help them stay on her feet. on 16th Mar 2016

    4. not so bad

      I have an aging akita, and I also got her the traction boots for outdoor wear (I reviewed those as well), and these for the indoors for a little traction on my hardwood floors. She kept them on for almost an hour before she discovered by dragging her paws a bit they would pull down. Now she does it just a few minutes after i put them on her each day. (but she's worth the effort). She just doesn't seem to be a footwear kinda gal. on 16th Feb 2016

    5. So far So Good

      The fit is perfect and our dog, Cosmo didn't think twice about them after they were on. I would have given it a five, but until we go to our cabin we won't know if the pad on the bottom is compatible with hardwood floors. That's the reason we bought them, because we didn't want to risk the new wood floors we recently put in being ruined by his nails. However, the socks are made well and should last a long time. We have our fingers crossed. on 18th Nov 2015

    6. Great traction on Wood/Tile Floors

      My 16 year old dog has trouble getting up and about on wood floors. I put the Doggie Socks on his back feet (where he has the most loss of coordination) and instant traction! I would rate the socks a 5, but they seem to end up with traction swirls on top after a few hours- but they do stay on his feet.
      Traction swirling all around would make them a total 5-plus!

      All in all VERY happy with UltraPaws!

      Thanks UltraPaws!

      on 21st Jul 2015

    7. So So

      They socks functioned well - they were grippy and gave my dog good purchase on slick floors. However after 10 minutes or so they tended to roll, meaning her walking caused the sock to effectively turn on her foot so less of the grippy material was under her foot.

      The sizing was fairly snug, so it wasn't that they were too large.
      on 8th Jan 2015

    8. Hard to rate

      It is really hard to rate this product. The quality is superb as is the idea for non-slip socks. My dog did not object to having the socks on nor did she try to get them off. The problem was that they slipped down on her ankles so that the logo was on the bottom and the non-slip surface was on top. They would not stay in place, therefore, they did not do their non-slip job. She is an Australian Cattle Dog with medium sized paws but with fairly slim sleek ankles. That could be part of the problem. I was very sorry that they did not work for her. I think that they may work better for dogs with heavier coats. on 30th Dec 2014

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