Customer Comments - Dog Coats

"I just want to thank you for April (the Doberman)'s beautiful winter coat.   The quality and finish is perfect. The reflective tape is "reflective" even in daylight. It matches her "reflective collar" nicely.   She is a BIG girl...weighing in at 95 lbs, and her length from withers to tail is 36". I was afraid the coat might be too small, but it is a perfect fit! I measured a little further up her neck than I should have...but it ended up just right!   She is very camera shy and if she see anything in my hand..she's off and running, but I will try to get a good shot of her...She loves being outside even in miserable weather and the coat does a great job of keeping in  her body heat.   Thanks again..and I'll Email that picture as soon as I get one! - Bev and April F., Nevada

"The dog coat arrived safely this morning and am delighted with it. So is Dixie, who wore it for our walk this morning.  But as it was warming up when the sun came out, I went to take it off and he wasn't having any of it. Always been a bit of a male diva, if there is such a thing. Anyway, as I say, am very pleased with it." - Susan K. - Great Britain

“The coat arrived about an hour ago and fits Mr. Murf so well. He just came in from a nice romp in the snow. Many thanks.” - Marcie W., Minnesota

“I just received the Ultra Paws® dog coat and I love it! It fits perfectly because of the extensive velcro. Winston loves it too!” - Jessica B., North Carolina

“I received the coat for Rocky today - it is just great and fits a lot better, especially with our winters. Thank you for all your help!” - Darbi R., New York

“I am so thankful that your company exists - and so is my dog!” - Donna L., New York

“The raincoat fit perfectly. Casey was totally dry. It was easy to put on and take off." - Roberta H., Massachusetts

“Your dog jackets are very easy to put on and off and are great in bad weather!” - Linda B., New York

“You should see Max! He is so proud of himself in his new coat, and I am so happy that he is warm!” - Mary J., Oklahoma

“After washing, the jacket looked like new! Thanks for a great product.” - John P., Colorado

“Good Morning, I want to thank you for your great service and excellent product. We live in a residential area and I expect a lot of other dog owners to be interested in Maddie's new coat. Do you have a couple of catalogs that my wife and I could put in our cars for that purpose? I like to promote good companies and good products and you seem to have both. Thanks again and we are sure to be back.” - Bill S., Massachusetts

"My order arrived so fast and I didn't even request expedited shipping!!  I am so pleased with my dog's new coat and he loves it too!!  The quality is great and I've seen nothing like it in stores.  It serves the purpose really well, it's well made and the dog is very comfortable in it.  I'm telling all my friends who are dog lovers to check out the site.  Thanks so much!" - Mary B., New Jersey

"I bought a set of boots and a coat for my dog's winter walks. I have had a devil of a time finding gear that works, fits, and stays on. Your gear works very well. The boots stay on, and the coat fits well and at the same time leaves room for the "anti pulling" leash which loops around her collar. In the past, I have had to add velcro to boots I bought, and cut holes in the coat to run the leash through. Thanks for marketing a well engineered product. When it gets to 0 degrees or colder, my dog is comfortable, and I no longer have to readjust boots in the middle of a walk."

- Dan C., Minnesota