Customer Comments - Dog Boots




Your Durable Dog Boots continue to change Magic's life. She happily wears them around the house and does not slip on the tile. They also make it easier for her to get up, especially if she has been cooling off on the tile. She even likes wearing them outside on walks! That means they wear out faster, but we're happy to do whatever we need to keep her mobile. She has actually gotten stronger over the last few weeks after a serious decline and I know in part it is due to her mobility with these boots. Thanks you for a wonderful product that is helping us keep our old girl around a little longer, with a good life. Kathy M ., Florida (Ultra Paws® Durable Boot)


Woo Hoo! I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how wonderfully the UltraPaws performed in hilly, rocky, cactus environment of Texas countryside. I was a little worried about getting the right size for my two labs but the sizing was spot on. We had no problems with them staying on for 2 days of romping in the woods.Awesome product! Tani A ., Texas (Ultra Paws® Rugged Boot)


Dozer loves his Wound boot from Ultra Paws!   Dozer got hit by a truck and had to have surgery on his hip. Something hasn't healed properly and he knuckles his back paw under. So in the past we made make-shift boots with a sock, duct tape and a plastic bag. The sock always made him sweat and he rubbed it until he couldn't walk on it anymore. The Wound boot from Ultra Paws is amazing, it breathes and is durable, and he can't pull it off with two convenient velcro straps.  He doesnt hop anymore and runs around more and is so much more happier with his Ultra Paws wound boot on. When I put a different boot on, he hops around on 3 legs, instead of using his bad leg.  We won't be purchasing any other boot but Ultra Paws. Thanks guys!   Amanda S ., Colorado (Ultra Paws® Wound Boot)

Boots are FANTASTIC!!! They stay on and don't twist around! The double straps are perfect! I've attached a picture of Brady wearing them on his back feet. He's almost 12 and really isn't as sad looking as the picture portrays!....or, he's trying to make us feel sorry for him! NOT! He's fine! Once he figured out he needed to pick his feet up a little more, he's had no problem getting around SAFELY!! He can get up from laying down SO much easier! He doesn't get 'pushed around' as my other dogs fly by him., and best of all, when he gets excited and bounces around, his back legs no longer slide out from under him!!TRACTION!!! He's got it! Brady's such a good boy, and did his time in 'service' to others as a Leader Dog for the Blind for a gentleman in North Carolina. I got him back after his partner died. I was Brady's puppy raiser years ago. He's a yellow lab and as a lab, lives to eat! These are truly a lifesaver for him! Thanks so much! Janice W., Illinois (Ultra Paws® Durable)

Béla is 12 years old but my family adopted her from the local shelter when she was a puppy. Our house recently had some construction work done and as a result our yard is a muddy mess. Béla and our other dog, Joanna, were tracking mud in every time we let them out. The boots are the perfect solution to keeping mud off the carpets and letting our sweet dogs enjoy being outside. - Beth A.,  (Ultra Paws® Rugged)

Eureka! We have an elderly cocker spaniel with severe weakness in his rear end. He's had a terrible time staying upright on our slippery floors. We've tried every traction sock, balloon and boot out there. They wouldn't stay on or were so tight they caused pain and still wouldn't stay on. Today we received our Durable Dog Boots. He's had them on for six hours. They're still on and he has not stopped bouncing around. HE'S SO HAPPY! Thank you, thank you for returing his quality of life. They are a god-send -- really. He was falling 10-12 times a day and it looked like we might have to put him to sleep pre-maturely. It chokes me up to see him getting around so well, and it's obvious that he's delighted. Really, there is NOTHING out there that compares to these boots for elderly dogs. Rae G., California (Ultra Paws® Durable)

Molly in her Ultra Paws® Durable Boots

On hardwood floors: My 15-year-old husky mix tried her Durable dog boots for the first time today with great results. I ordered the boots because she had been having a terrible time walking on the hardwood floors during her frequent visits to my parents’ home.  Due to arthritis and muscle loss from aging she would slip, slide and fall. It was really quite sad, as well as scary at times. She took to staying in one of the carpeted rooms and not socializing much at all. I put the boots on her not knowing what to expect, and frankly I was a little bit skeptical about whether they would work for her. Almost immediately she started walking around the house with confidence – and kept going all day. My father couldn’t believe how well she was prancing around in her new (and pretty darn cute!) red boots. They went on easily once I opened them up. I only had to tighten them after initially putting them on. Your sizing instructions were very helpful, the product appears quite well made, and the shipping was incredibly fast, especially given that I ordered during the holidays. I would recommend these boots to anyone with a dog that could benefit from wearing them.  These boots are the perfect solution, I only wish I’d known about this product sooner. Laurie R., California (Ultra Paws® Durable)

Follow-up from Laurie when she sent her photo...

I hope this photo works for you! She moves around so much in her new boots this was one of the few where I got her to hold still! You know what else I just noticed, walking around in the boots seems to have given her more confidence for the times when she doesn't have them on, interesting. I'm going to tell my vet about your product because I'm sure she must see older dogs who could use the same kind of help on smooth floors.

Mojo wearing Ultra Paws Rugged Boots

In snow:     I ordered the medium boot and it is a perfect fit, they were easy to put on and they stayed on. Secondly, not only did they perform up to my expectations but actually exceeded them. In comparison with our old Muttluks boots (which I was fairly happy with) I noticed that they stayed put and did not twist or turn on Mojo's foot. Our old boots with only one strap would regularly get turned around to where Mojo was walking on the top of the boot instead of the bottom which caused some wear on the top of the boot. It seems that the combination of the two-strap system and the padding at the top helps to keep the boot in place. Love it! And finally, these boots kept the snow out COMPLETELY! Again the two-strap closure and the padding at the top seem to do the trick here. When we got back to the car and I pulled Mojo's boot off after a 1 1/2 hour romp in deep snow in the woods I found that not only was there NO snow in the boots but his feet were nearly dry and were far warmer than I expected in 10 degree weather. Also since the boot closes nice and tight at the top, no snow accumulated inside the "cuff" of the boot, which was a big problem with our old boots.I believe these boots will enable Mojo to be comfortable far longer in cold, snowy conditions than ever before. No more cutting our winter excursions short because his feet are cold and hurting. Thank you so much for such a great product!

Lori M.,     Illinois (Ultra Paws® Rugged)

I ordered the Rugged dog boots for my aging Great Dane, Apache, who loves her walks but often found it difficult walking on gravel and rough ground. She used to avoid the gravel at all costs! After 5 minutes of paddle-walking to get used to them, she is running in the gravel and having a grand time on her walks!  These boots took 5 years off of her! She can't wait to put them on! The best investment I have ever made in dog stuff! Coleen M.,  Ohio (Ultra Paws® Rugged)

Thanks for making such great boots.  We had a bad ice storm here last night and my Border Collie, Kai, could not have accompanied me on a long picture-taking walk without his durable ultra paws.  Now, 3 month old Border Collie, Robie, is wearing your endurance boots.  There are no better boots anywhere!  I have recommended you to many many dog owners.  Thanks! -     Debra B. Illinois (Ultra Paws Endurance Boots - now Snow & Go)


I just wanted to let Ultra Paws know how much your boots have impacted my sweet 14 year old Austrailian Shepherd's quality of life. I bought her the Ultra Paws boots in a effort to help her walk without slipping in our kitchen, since she has developed a slightly paralyzed rear leg that slips quite a bit. Since wearing the boots, she quickly gets up from lying down on our kitchen granite floor with ease. She appears so much happier now with the boots because it really has improved her life in such an important way. Now, she can lie by the window any time she wants and I don't have to worry about her needing help to stand up. Thank you so much, Ultra Paws, for helping Bear's last years be full of independence and confidence. Jennifer and Bear P. - Texas (Ultra Paws® Durable)

A couple of weeks ago we adopted Nigel from our local SPCA. He's a very good dog and, thank God, he has come through a lot of challenges. It seems that he was found on the street as a stray and taken to the SPCA. His condition was not very good and he needed to be fed with an eye dropper for some time to get his strength back. After several surgeries he was finally ready to come home. We were told that Nigel must have sustained an injury to his left foreleg that was never repaired. Perhaps someone had stepped on and broken his leg. As a result, Nigel learned to compensate by either leaning on the joint above his paw while walking, or hopping on his other 3 legs. He seemed undaunted by any discomfort or inconvenience and loved the company of other people and pets.  Nigel loves to walk and romp about. Indoors, that works out okay. When outside, though, he had a tendency to scuff his skin raw on his foreleg when on harder surfaces.  For our first days with Nigel, we initially purchased some dog boots from a local store, but discovered a couple things. (a) there wasn't the type of 'fitting advice' that we got from Ultra Paws; (b) the locally purchased boots did not come in the very small size needed to fit Nigel; (c) the other boots didn't have the dual Velcro closures that Ultra Paws uses, to keep them in place; and (d) the other boots did not have the protective padding design. At the suggestion of the vet that had been looking over his care, we had contacted Ultra Paws to see what would work to protect his left forepaw. With the Ultra Paws boots, Nigel enjoys his walks with his playmate Peanut. They take turns to see who can make us walk faster. His left foreleg shows no further signs of scuffing, and the former redness and irritation seem to be going away. After 2 weeks, Nigel, Peanut and our cats Pumpkin and Sailor have found a new routine at home. We're very fortunate and happy! - Dave & Mary Pat M - New Jersey (Ultra Paws® Durable)

I am anxiously waiting for my order of the Durable dog boots for my dogs, Kramer and Bessie. Kramer is the Golden Retriever/Chow mix and you can see the Ultra Paws boots he's wearing. Kramer is 14 years old. His hips are really giving him a hard time, especially on the laminate flooring. Bessie is beginning to have trouble with her hips and also has some problems getting good traction on the floor which is why I'm ordering more boots. All my pets are rescues. I found Kramer when he was about 9-12 months old and he had been hit on the freeway. He was laying in the median inches from the freeway lane. By the time I turned around & got to him, he had tried to get up a second time and was hit in the head. He definitely had a guardian angel looking out after him because rarely does a dog survive being hit on the freeway once, let alone twice. I rushed him to the vet and x-rays showed that he had been scavenging for a while and that he had 3 bullets in him. He's been nothing but a sweetheart. The boots really help him so he doesn't slip on the floor although his hips are progressively deteriorating. Bessie is starting to show hip problems. The first time I put boots on Bessie, she danced around with them. She was so excited to have some boots to wear, too. I really believe they realize that the boots help them walk better. I'm so glad you make this wonderful product and I will definitely pass on your info to others. Susan D. - Tennessee (Ultra Paws® Durable)


Hello! I just have to tell you that I used the Ultra Paws booties on both of my small dogs this morning, and I am really thrilled with the product. I've searched long and hard to find booties that have soft sole construction and protection under the velcro straps... both of which I found with Ultra Paws. They were easy to put on and both dogs were quite comfortable from the moment I put them on. And, last but certainly not least: they stayed on in the snow while they ran and jumped and rolled around in 6 snow. Thank you!! Kathy R., - New York(Ultra Paws® Durable)

We have a pair of your TrAction fleece boots that work well in very cold weather and dry snow. They keep my dog's feet warm and prevent snow from balling up between his pads. My dog has really taken to them. Mike D. - Nebraska (Ultra Paws Traction Boots)


We recently ordered durable dog boots for our elderly, three-legged dog. Lady is missing her front left leg and was having difficulty turning corners in the house and kept falling. She is also very arthritic, so moving for her was becoming quite difficult. After receiving your UltraPaw boots and putting them on her two back feet, we could immediately tell they were helping her. The boots were simple to put on her feet and they do stay on. She's doing much better getting around these days, thanks to your product! - Tony W., Florida            (Ultra Paws® Durable)


For Hunting:

I recently purchased a set of your Ultra Paws Rugged Dog boots for my yellow lab Sammie and I wanted to let you know I was very happy with them. Each year we take a quail and pheasant hunting trip to southern Kansas. The area we hunt is pretty rugged and there are lots of sand-burrs and ground cactus along with lots of sand, gravel and sharp rocks. It is very hard on a dogs paws if they aren't used to those conditions. Over the years I've tried several other brands of dog boots and normally they are totally shredded on the first day, if they even make it till noon. But these boots held up very well. We hunted hard for 3 solid days and they were still functioning pretty well at the end of the trip. I've never had other brands last anything near that long. Given the heavy grass we sometimes encounter I took the precaution of putting duct tape over the velcro to make sure they didn't get pulled off and that worked. I'm not sure if I had to do that or not, but it worked. I've had others get lost when the weeds pulled the velcro lose. These are the best boots I've been able to find for difficult hunting conditions like we see in that region. John D., Minnesota(Ultra Paws® Rugged)

Gladys got a new pair of shoes! Another satisfied running dog!

Alison S., Texas(Ultra Paws® Rugged)

Just a note to let you folks know that without question Ultra Paws        are the finest dog boots ever made! My Yellow Lab Maggie has been            wearing them now for two years and we both love them. We have tested them in     all  types of conditions including snow, ice, and slush here in Wisconsin and        they have held up and stayed in place. Amazing! We tried many other       brands        and designs and all failed and only brought frustration. Thank you for       a        great product. I have purchased additional pairs and will recommend        them to       others whenever I have a chance. Steven K., Wisconsin (Ultra Paws® Rugged)


I would like to tell you how much I think of your product. They gave my elderly severely arthritic dog a whole new life and mobility. Tony was slipping and falling on the floors. He would fall and strike his head or his chest and land on his legs and not be able to get back up. It was a great concern for us because we are out a lot and did not know when he fell. It was to the point we were considering euthanasia because we did not want him to fall and lie there injured until we came home. The other problem was that when he had difficulty getting up and we tried to help, we would hurt him because we did not pick him up just right. With Ultra Paws, he had great footing and is able to get up and down. It took about four steps for him to realize they were just what he needed. He does not tryto take them off. Thank you for giving us more time with out life-long friend and providing him with a much better quality of life. Even if he only has them for a month, they will be one of the best investments we ever made - Jane A., Pennsylvania      (Ultra Paws® Durable)


My wife and I recently purchased a set of Durables for our great dane. We tried several other companies and ordered other sets and couldn't find anything that worked until yours. When we tried your boots we were sold immediately. They work great! Thank you so much for making a wonderful product and making our lives so much easier. We live in a wet climate and thse boots make our cleaning dog feet time next to nothing now. I hope you continue to make wonderful products and make peoples lives more enjoyable. One satisfied customer. - Gerry A., Indiana      (Ultra Paws® Durable)


The boots we bought are being used every day and are just what we were looking for. I now bring my two dogs to work with me every day, just before we get out of the car, the boots go on (we have a machine shop and metal chips work their way into the office floor, don’t want to take any chances). Customer service was great, products arrived fast! No problems. I think you carry some great products, things that are not seen everywhere, don’t change a thing! Thanks again. – Michelle B., Michigan (Ultra Paws® Rugged)


We just recently had our fir floors refinished and needless to say the dogs nails were doing a job on the finish. With no other alternatives, we tried boots that we picked up at the local pet supply store but could tell they were hot and didn’t allow our dogs feet to breathe. These boots are absolutely fantastic. They are so easy to install and stay in place. Needless to say we have one happy pooch and a less stressful home. Thank you so much! - Jim G., California (Ultra Paws Traction Boots)


I have been buying from your online store for a couple of months now and have been very happy with your value and performance. My Doberman loves your boots. She has literally worn out a set of them after uncountable miles of hiking. I have tried other brands of boots for her and can’t find anything that fits nearly as well or lasts nearly as long. I have recommended your site to several of my friends in the dog world. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work! - Trae S., Indiana (Ultra Paws® Rugged)


I purchased a pair of Endurance Dog Boots for my one year old hound/lab mix, Lambeau, this winter after noticing that his feet seemed cold and uncomfortable on long snowy hikes.  The Endurance Boots did the trick, and he is now happy to run along the trails for hours.  On one particularly frigid (it was about five below zero) January day he very much in need of a good run and we hadn't been out in a few days due to the weather.  I took him to the local dog park which had turned into a four acre sheet of uneven ice.  The few other dogs that were there looked miserable, and tried to stay off their cold little feet as much as possible.  They and their owners left within ten to fifteen minutes.  Lambeau, however, ran around happily for almost an hour before I got too cold and we went home. - Allison A., Wisconsin (Ultra Paws Endurance Boots - now Snow & Go)


I purchased Durable Boots a few weeks ago. I bought them for my English Setter who is continually battling w/her feet in the winter. We spend a lot of time in the snow, hunting, ice fishing and skiing, and while our labs seem impermeable to the elements, our setter is not. I love these boots, and so does our setter, Beans. She just returned from a week on the prairie, hunting pheasants and returned w/all four boots! I have also taken her out skiing, and they did not budge. She flies through the brush and runs circles around us all. She is a brush buster, and is forever in hunt-mode. The boots stayed on, saving her feet and allowing me to stay out longer. I wish I would have bought her these years ago! We will hunt her in the fall w/boots from now on. We hunt our dogs a lot!!! and she has had to sit out in the past because of foot injuries. Thank you ultra paws! - Alisa B., North Dakota      (Ultra Paws® Durable)


We recently purchased a pair of your Endurance dog boots. We have bought many, many dog booties over the years for our many dogs, and we must admit, when we opened your package we were a bit skeptical. We apologize - they are fabulous! Rarely do booties actually stay on no matter what the weather conditions. And these do. We have been cross country skiing and Nikki, our very active border collie x belgian shepherd, always comes with us. The booties have stayed on, and do not bother her, in sticky snow, icy conditions, and below zero cold. Nikki caught on to their purpose very quickly. She thanks you, and we thank you! We are placing another order very soon. - Adela B. & Bill B., Michigan (Ultra Paws Endurance Boots - Now Snow & Go)


I must have recommended your Durable booties to at least 10 people last weekend on a hike because they are such an amazing find. Keep up the great work, I'm very very happy with your product. - Michelle B., Colorado      (Ultra Paws® Durable)


Got the boots.  AWESOME!!! No more ice stuck between our dogs feet! - Laura K. and Pongo Pal, Michigan (Ultra Paws® Rugged)


Love the boots! The salt they use in Chicago kills Seamus' paws. We've tried several boots but either the stitching comes off or we lose them. I saw the guarantee for these and decided to try them. We've been through a few snow storms and they've held up and stayed on. Nice product. - Maureen W., Illinois (Ultra Paws® Rugged)

I had to write and tell you how thrilled we are with Bramble's new boots! We moved to our house about 6 weeks ago and our 12 year old Airedale, Bramble, was having a terrible time navigating the hardwood and ceramic tile floors. She had fallen so many times that she was afraid to leave the living room and bedroom rugs to go to the kitchen for food and water. I ordered a set of your Ultra Paws® Durable dog boots. Your shipping was lightening fast! The change has been dramatic. Bramble had no objection to my putting on her boots. After a few high stepping paces and a cautious trip to the water bowl, she galloped up and down the hall like a puppy! She is now napping on her bed and I have no doubt that she will be back to her happy, confident self when she wakes up. Thanks so much for your help. The boots are attractive and appear to be very well made and durable and I think they are the perfect solution for our problem. -- Victoria L. , Tennesee      (Ultra Paws® Durable)


I recently ordered a pair of booties for my beagle-poodle and I just wanted to tell you that I am very impressed with your product and the speed with which my order arrived. I have been looking all over for a pair of booties similar to the ones she had and yours are wonderful. She is a happy dog again and I just wanted to tell you thanks. – Sandi S., Michigan    (Ultra Paws® Durable)


I wanted to let you know how happy my dog Murph was this AM in her new TrAction dog boots. I ordered them just a few days ago and they arrived yesterday. She is often plagued with snow balls between her pads (being a furry Golden Retriever) – one of the reasons for my order. But yesterday it was the cold 6 degree temperature that got to her feet and we had to cut our normal morning walk short because she was clearly in agony. Today it was –4 degrees when we went out but with her new booties she was back to prancing playfully in the snow. I was the one to cry “uncle” and turn back! I plan to pass on your website to my dog friends.

- Barbara W., Maine (Ultra Paws Traction Boots)


The boots worked extremely well and the dogs actually enjoyed wearing them once they got used to having their feet and legs covered!

- J  Andrew P., Michigan (Ultra Paws Endurance Boots - now Snow 7 Go)


I’ve ordered two pair and my trainer ordered at least two pair. For our dogs, we use them when they have a torn pad or when they wear down their nails from herding sheep or doing agility. Your design of TrAction Boots keeps them from slipping on carpet, tile or wood floors and they hold up quite nicely. - Bravo!. Tinna B., Montana (Ultra Paws Traction Boots)


I wish I could send a video to show you how funny it is to the watch the process of getting them on and getting her use to wearing them. My dog’s expressions are priceless! It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. - Adrienne B., Massachusetts (Ultra Paws® Rugged)


Today I received the Ultra Paws® boots I ordered for our 14 year old Lab mix, Tango. I put them right on him and after a couple of minutes of high stepping he settled into an (almost) normal gait. The muscles in his hind legs have atrophied (he's a big boy, 105 lbs) and it has become increasingly difficult for him to get up from a lying position, especially if he is on the tile floor in our kitchen. The first time he tried to get up with his boots on he had his back feet sideways so they slid out from under him. He quickly realized if he got his back feet flat that he could get right up. When my husband got home, he couldn't believe how easily our old boy got up to meet him....Thank You So Much!! And the camo color is great for him, they blend right in with his coat so he doesn't have to be embarrassed by bright red paws. We are moving to Mexico in a few weeks and there is alot of tile in our new place. We feel so relieved to know that he has this great aid now....Thanks again!

- Andrew and Lisa L., Colorado        (Ultra Paws® Durable)


My husband and I recently moved into a new house with our cocker-golden mix, Sarah. The entire main floor of the house is hardwood, including 3 sets of stairs. Sarah has never lived on hardwoods and was having difficulty getting around the house, especially down the stairs. She took a couple of bad falls down the stairs, so, we decided to do something to help her. We did not want to carpet or put treds on the steps because the hardwoods are so pretty. So, I turned to doggy boots. I ordered a pair of Ultra Paws® Durable Dog Boots from your website and Sarah is able to run up and down the stairs without falling! They stay on and she really does not mind wearing them. I think they give her the extra confidence she needs as she maneuvers over the slick hardwoods. Thank you very much for making a product that works! We love the Ultra Paws boots and so does Sarah!!! Thank you!! - Stacey Q., North Carolina      (Ultra Paws® Durable)


I bought a set of boots and a coat for my dog's winter walks. I have had a devil of a time finding gear that works, fits, and stays on. Your gear works very well. The boots stay on, and the coat fits well and at the same time leaves room for the "anti pulling" leash which loops around her collar. In the past, I have had to add velcro to boots I bought, and cut holes in the coat to run the leash through. Thanks for marketing a well engineered product. When it gets to 0 degrees or colder, my dog is comfortable, and I no longer have to readjust boots in the middle of a walk.

- Dan C., Minnesota (Ultra Paws® Rugged)


My German Shepherd is nearly 18 years old with very weak hips, and the hardwood floors made it nearly impossible for him to get around without slipping and falling. Your boots arrived 3 days after I ordered then (with standard shipping)! I immediately put your boots on him and he doesn't slip or fall anymore. Not only that, he's made NO effort to remove them and they haven't come off. I can tell that he's very happy to be able to maneuver again. Your product not only works, it's comfortable for the dog. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!! - Melanie P. (Ultra Paws® Durable)


After a spinal injury, my dog Gypsy's rear paws would go lame on snow packs that were sufficiently below freezing and I'd have to carry her back. Thanks to your product, she and I could immediately enjoy walks at the local parks again the same day we received your product. She took to them immediately, and we've had no problems ever since. They're well designed, fit well and go off and on easily. Gypsy and I both give them ten paw pads. Thank you. I'd never shopped for this kind of product before. I liked the fact that yours is a relatively local company. I found your website's image reassuringly professional. Additionally, the two WORKING phone numbers (I called both to make sure before I spent one dime) and a real address were all reassuring enought for us to finally do business. And the super fast shipping was appreciated as well. - Karl M., Minnesota (Ultra Paws® Rugged)


Your service is excellent, and I bought some boots from you for my dog that are absolutely the best I’ve had and believe me, we have tried them all. – S. Shipman, Colorado (Ultra Paws® Rugged)