Our Roots

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My Mom, Pat, pictured in 2013, passed away in December of 2015 after a hard-fought battle with numerous illnesses. She was a fighter, and we thought she'd recover once again, but it was time for her to be at peace. I think about her often - her tenacity, entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic, love for fun and family, and focus on quality without compromise. She founded Ultra Paws in 1972 as Katmai Kennels, and then Free Spirit Outfitters - before I purchased the business and branded it as Ultra Paws in 1998.  

Her qualities live on as core values of Ultra Paws as our team develops new, functional products for dogs, 

  • The Ultra Doggie Socks are the first printed socks on the market - in funky patterns and the best part is there are no inside threads!and have fun doing it!  We're excited about many unique, new products for dogs and their human parents. Here are a few highlights as we enter the cool weather season: 
  • Cozy Coat - When we saw a large Lab at a winter festival wearing a poor fitting fleece coat, we were inspired to develop a fleece coat that could form fit all different dog shapes and sizes. This Cozy Coat is a winner!
  • SnoJam - When we purchased the assets of Pedigree Perfection in 2014 we acquired superb patterns for dog apparel. Pedigree produced a snow suit and a pajama - and the only difference was the snow suit had a hood and the pajama had a collar. With the help of our designers, we combined the two into the SnowJam - featuring a decorative collar and a removable hood. This has proven so popular that we've already placed two additional orders with our sewing factory!

    As a side note, the SnoJam will fit very small dogs - think 5 lbs - up to 150+ pound dogs. Our Sales Manager, Nanci Koski, demonstrated just how large the 4XL is when she recently modeled one in our office!