Doggie Snowsuits are Winter Warmers!


Ultra Paws has the perfect apparel to keep your pup warm this winter from paws to nose- our new Weathermaster (TM) Snowsuit and our beloved SnoJam! 

Our Weathermaster Snowsuit is brand new and loaded with fantastic features so your dog can have lots of snowy playtime. For starters, it's made with our Ultra-Heat (TM), a special fabric technology that reflects your dog's heat back to his body. Ultra Paws is the first in the industry to transfer this technology from human clothing to dog apparel. The Weathermaster Snowsuit's exterior is made with a flexible waterproof fabric to keep your dog dry, adding to his warmth, and extra fiber-fill liner helps ensure your dog is toasty warm.

Flexible fabric is comfortable across your dog's front, and reflective Ultra-Heat liner keeps your dog's warmth close.

The Weathermaster covers all four legs down to the paws, and has long cuffs that can be easily folded up to adjust for dogs with shorter legs. The front chest area is  covered with a flexible material that stretches to fit and keeps your dog comfortable. The soft fleece collar is turtleneck-style, but can be folded back for less coverage. Just behind the collar is a hidden, generous opening for leashes, so your dog can be on a lead while his wears the suit. 

The suit is sold in our Dog Walk original pattern, crafted by an artist exclusively for Ultra Paws. While the attractive tan side panel looks like it's a solid color in natural light, it is highly reflective in flashlights or car headlights so your dog is visible to others during the darkest months of the year. We've equipped the Weathermaster with several D-rings, which allow you to attach clip lights for added visibility. 

The Weathermaster comes in eight sizes and starts at just $49.95. Shop here!

The SnoJam, shown with the snap-on hood removed, in grey & black. 

Returning this year in new, fun patterns, the beloved SnoJam is back! The SnoJam is part snowsuit, part pajama, and 100 percent cozy. It covers all four legs just like the Weathermaster Snowsuit, but is made of a soft fleece that is cozy both outdoors or for snuggling up inside by the fire. Customers love the SnoJam for its added warmth, cozy feel and adorable look. 

The SnoJam's hood can be easily attached or unattached for different conditions. Shown in red & black. 

The SnoJam has the same extended, foldable cuffs as the Weathermaster but also has a removable snap-on, snap-off hood for outdoor playtime in woolly winter weather. This year the SnoJam returns in a new pattern- created uniquely for Ultra Paws by artists- in two colors: grey and black or black and red. 

The SnoJam comes in 12 sizes and starts at just $19.95. Shop here!

At Ultra Paws, we want you to have the most fun possible with your dog all year around- whether the snow is flying or the sun is shining. It's our hope that these snowsuits allow you and your dog lots of fun snow days!

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